Five billion phones will be discarded as E-Waste in 2022.

According to the International Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Forum (%WEEE), up to 5.3 billion smartphones from major manufacturers such as Apple ($AAPL) are expected to be discarded this year. “Smartphones are one of the electronic products that we are most concerned about,” said Pascal Leroy, Director General of the WEEE Forum, a non-profit organizationcontinue reading

Electronics Recycling

Electronics Recycling Visit the US Environmental Protection Agency EPA for more information on where to recycle electronics. For example where you can recycle computers, laptops, cell phones, servers, monitors and any old and unwanted electronic equipment safely and conveniently with All Green Electronics Recycling. Donating or recycling consumer electronics conserves our natural resources andcontinue reading

Greenly Recycling Los Angeles

Greenly Recycling Los Angeles Electronic Waste Free Recycling Event Calendar  has partnered with Greenly Recycling Los Angeles to host free electronics collection events. To comply with California law and conserve natural resources, LA County supports e-waste recycling activities. California law states that e-waste must be recycled. Disposing of e-waste in trash cans or trash canscontinue reading

Recycle & Reuse – Makes all the Difference

Landfills are made for the disposal of true waste materials, like food products and non-recyclable items. It isn’t right to send electronic equipment to landfills because these products will not biodegrade and for a very long time. It is on record that while e-waste only makes up 2% of the mass in landfills, it accountscontinue reading

Hard Disk Destruction

Greenly Recycling offers a hard disk destruction service at our downtown location and through business pickups. Each hard drive is tracked down to the serial and model number, and then shredded in our hard disk destroyer. Once all hard drives have been destroyed, we will send you a certificate of destruction listing each individual drivecontinue reading